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14th Annual Juried Art Show

December 2 - 23, 2022

This year The Grand displayed over 60 pieces of art from the adult and student categories. Thank you to all of our participants and to our event sponsors: Frandsen Bank and Trust, Citizens Bank, and State Farm Insurance.

Color and Texture

Stephanie Spencer
October 28 - November 23, 2022

Stephanie Spencer grew up on a farm and has lived in rural Minnesota her entire life. By living close to the country, Stephanie was exposed to many beautiful landscapes and as a result, she developed a real love of nature and the outdoors. Her draw to painting was the ability to recreate a moment in time that will not be repeated. As Stephanie developed her painting techniques, she was drawn to the pallet knife. She shares that it was explained to her that impressionistic paintings give the eye and the mind something to figure out. It has been stated, “A true masterpiece does not tell everything.” Therein lies the power of suggestion. When you stand close to a painting of this type, it can look chaotic, but when you back away, your mind studies the strokes and the placement of color.

Pity the Water

Kay Herbst Helms
September 23 - October 21, 2022

Pity the Water is an exhibit of my photographic prints and words whose concept is based on the 2007 Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem “Pity the Nation.” Water is the foundation of our existence from our beginnings in a watery womb to our ends when ice is all we can swallow. All the water we have now is all the water we will ever have. It is imperative that we act now to protect our water and our planet. I hope the words and photographs educate, inspire, and move you to take action for our great grandchildren’s future.”

The Natural Palette

Bradley Donner
August 19 - September 16

Bradley Donner is an artist who has always possessed a love of the natural world. His artwork reflects his passion of wildlife and nature.​


David Hyduke
July 16 - August 12, 2022

David Hyduke is a metal sculptor living in Kasota. He attended Bemidji State University where he studied philosophy and psychology. He has made sculpture since his early twenties and learned the bronze casting process under the tutelage of Paul Granlund who was a long time sculptor-in-residence at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter. Working predominantly in bronze he has operated his own foundry for many years. David has done sculpture maintenance and has been involved in the restoration of historically significant monumental sculpture. He has also done numerous art residencies in Minnesota schools.

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