Cellar Press

A Letterpress + Printmaking Studio
at The Grand Center for Arts & Culture

Cellar Press is a complete letterpress and printmaking studio located in the basement of The Grand Center for Arts & Culture. Thanks to several generous donations, the studio is equipped with:

  • 1938 Kluge Press 12′ by 18′, donated by Tom Hagen of Mankato
  • Vandercook SP-15
  • Vandercook 215
  • Vandercook 1
  • Takach Etching Press – 24 x 36
  • Tabletop presses, including a Showcard proof press
  • Platen Presses, including a Golding #2 and several Kelseys
  • Cases of type, furniture & other printing and printmaking equipment

The Cellar Press Studio is dedicated to Mary Anne Gross, Editor and Proofreader, major donor to The Grand and a member of the Phillip Gross family. Mary Anne’s interest in The Grand and letterpress printing, and her many donations to Cellar Press were instrumental in the creation of this resource.

And a special thanks to Andy and Zach Kahmann of A-Z Letterpress in Montevideo, MN who also played a critical role in creating Cellar Press. Andy and Zach dedicated much time and expertise setting up presses, offering advice and guidance, and educating staff on all things related to letterpress. Several professors from Minnesota State University Mankato, including Josh Winkler and Brad Coulter have also been invaluable assets related to both Printing and Printmaking.

Fall 2023 - Summer 2024
Artist-in-Residence Program

Upcoming Cellar Press Classes

December 2023
Dec 02
02 December 2023

Saturday, December 2 | 9am-3pm Using the new additions to our collection of type and letterpress ornaments, create your own holiday card designs. You will learn how to set simple …

‘Old Fashioned Holiday Card Printing’ (Adults) Read More »


Artist-in-Residence Program

The Grand Center for Arts & Culture is excited to announce our artist residency program for Fall 2023 through Summer 2024!

Pictured below are the 2022 – 2023 artists-in-residence who created work at The Grand.

Woodlin Latocki

October 31 - November 20, 2022

Woodlin is a multimedia artist and illustrator and her past creative practice has involved a range of analog and digital processes – drawing, printmaking, book art, animation, and video. Her work is primarily rooted in investigations of place and its relationships to wider states of change and human experience. Woodlin has been engaged in independent work since receiving a BFA in Graphic Design from Minnesota State University, Mankato, working as a designer, printer, and technician with a number of organizations in the state including the Rochester Art Center, ArtOrg, and the Minnesota Center for Book Art. Woodlin went on to receive an MFA in Illustration & Design from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 2022, where she taught courses, worked as a graphic designer and animator, and maintained operations of the University’s Book Art & Letterpress Lab. Having recently returned to Minnesota, she plans to build an independent illustration and print practice here. While at The Grand, Woodlin will be carving and printing a large reduction linocut using our Takach etching press. A community component will also be a part of this residency and will occur in November, towards the end of her time at The Grand.

Louise Fisher

December 9 - 11, 2022 and December 27 - January 8, 2023

Louise Fisher is a Minnesota-based artist and holds an MFA in printmaking at Arizona State University. Louise grew up on a farm in her home state of Iowa, where she obtained her BFA degree with honors from the University of Northern Iowa. Since then, she has shown her work nationally and internationally. Fisher’s work is included in private and public collections, including Mid-America Print Council, Zuckerman Museum of Art, the University of North Florida and the Wichita Art Museum. Her most recent accomplishments include receiving the 2018 SGC International Graduate Fellowship Award and the 2021 Jordan Holly Fellowship Award as an artist-in-residence at In Cahoots. In her work, Louise explores ideas of biological rhythms through time-based media as well as the layering and repetitive action of printmaking.

Stacie Kammerling

March 6 - 21, 2023

Stacie Kammerling is a printmaker and visual journalist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her art practice focuses on combining introspection and observing the natural world to encourage — and demand — both personal and collective change. She primarily carves linoleum blocks, which she then prints by hand. Amid her search for meaning and self-acceptance within art, she believes the power of print can construct a map for the world we want to inhabit together. Stacie is fascinated by the physicality of the medium and the rich history of printmaking. In particular, how the medium historically is used to question powerful institutions and foster accessibility in the arts. Through observational drawings and typographic explorations, she finds meaning in the act of finding meaning.

Wade Davis

May 15 - 29, 2023

I returned to making art during the COVID shutdown, almost thirty years after setting down my paint brushes. In the intervening decades, I went to college, graduate and law school, taught Communication Studies at two national public universities, worked as a civil litigator at two large law Minneapolis-based firms, and, most recently, taught Business Law at Minnesota State University, Mankato. My professional life has been built on words, problem-solving, interpersonal relationships, and public speaking. When I turned to art during the COVID lockdown, I realized how desperately I needed to make something with my hands and work in a visual medium. Since then, I have attacked my art and printmaking with a passion. I use printmaking to examine, celebrate and challenge nostalgia, memory, and identity. I find inspiration from popular culture, my youth as a latchkey kid in California and Montana, my daily life and community, and science fiction and fantasy. My art is bright, bold, and infused with imagination, humor, and light-handed social commentary.

Brad Coulter

June 9 - 23, 2023

Educated in Illinois and Japan, I worked as a graphic designer, fine press printer, and educator in Seattle, Washington for 10 years before returning to the Midwest to earn graduate degrees in Design from the University of Iowa. In 2013, I joined the faculty of Minnesota State University, Mankato, where I teach design and typography. Since then, I have engaged with Minnesotans not just as a teacher at MNSU, but as a designer and printmaker sharing my work in juried and individual art exhibitions in Blue Earth county, Minneapolis, nationally, and internationally.
By continuing to be an active practitioner outside of my teaching, I not only become a better teacher—by challenging my craft and expanding my scope of work—I also connect with my community on a more vulnerable level. By sharing my practice, I offer new perspectives on art, design, technology, and their intersection, and am made better aware of the ways in which these cultural forces impact individual lives, not just as viewers of art, but as often-overlooked citizens of a visual culture. This dialog creates an exchange of ideas and empathy around complex issues that are often unaddressed outside of larger urban areas; the role of technology in society, the connections of industry to the arts, and the unseen ways in which language and art shape and respond to the culture at large.

Pictured below are the 2021 – 2022 artists-in-residence : Rachel James, Monica Ihrke, Bradley Hall, and Sarah Evenson

Artist-in-Residence Program Information

Interested in becoming an Artist-in-Residence?

We are inviting guest artists to apply for a residency with the opportunity to use our Cellar Press printmaking studios — letterpress and printmaking — to create works of art or as an integral part of their artistic practice. Residencies last two – three weeks, and while artists are not required to live in New Ulm, they are expected to spend a significant amount of time in the studios gaining skills and producing work.

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