Cellar Press

A Letterpress + Printmaking Studio
at The Grand Center for Arts & Culture

Cellar Press is a complete letterpress and printmaking studio located in the basement of The Grand Center for Arts & Culture. Thanks to several generous donations, the studio is equipped with:

  • 1938 Kluge Press 12′ by 18′, donated by Tom Hagen of Mankato
  • Vandercook SP-15, 215 and 1
  • Takach Etching Press – 24 x 36
  • Tabletop presses, including a Showcard proof press
  • Platen Presses, including several C & P Pilot presses
  • Cases of type, furniture & other printing and printmaking equipment
  • An 1870’s book bindery with a Sheridan Board Shear and many pieces of historic equipment

The Cellar Press Studio is dedicated to Mary Anne Gross, Editor and Proofreader, major donor to The Grand and a member of the Phillip Gross family. Mary Anne’s interest in The Grand and letterpress printing, and her many donations to Cellar Press were instrumental in the creation of this resource.

And a special thanks to Andy and Zach Kahmann of A-Z Letterpress in Montevideo, MN who also played a critical role in creating Cellar Press. Andy and Zach dedicated much time and expertise setting up presses, offering advice and guidance, and educating staff on all things related to letterpress. Several professors from Minnesota State University Mankato, including Josh Winkler and Brad Coulter have also been invaluable assets related to both Printing and Printmaking. Cellar Press will celebrate a five-year anniversary in May, 2024 and we couldn’t have done this without a large group of dedicated volunteers.

For more information regarding Cellar Press, contact cellarpress@thegrandnewulm.org or founder@thegrandnewulm.org.

Upcoming Cellar Press Classes

April 2024
Apr 27
27 April 2024

Saturday, April 27 | 12-3pm This short class will introduce participants to basic terms, style, and constructions of simple folded and stitched books. Participants will leave the class with three […]

May 2024
May 11
11 May 2024

Saturday, May 11 | 9am - 1pm This short class will provide an introduction to “stab binding”, a traditional bookbinding technique from Japan, suitable for photo albums and scrapbooks. INSTRUCTOR: […]

May 16
16 May 2024

Thursday, May 16 from 6pm-9pm and Saturday, May 18 from 12pm-3pm Carve two-color blocks and print your design. Should be suitable for framing and for printing in our annual letterpress […]


2024 Artist-in-Residence Program

Caitlin Lang

January 15 - 28, 2024

Caitlin Lang is working on print poster designs featuring local landmarks. Caitlin will print on paper and use our two Vandercook presses and the Takach Etching press. The community piece of Caitlin’s residency will be participating with The Grand in several summer farmer’s markets showcasing her work and The Grand’s capabilities in Cellar Press.

Jared Kaufman

April 6-20, 2024

Jared Kaufman’s day job is as a food and feature writer for The Pioneer Press and he plans to explore our relationship with food through the use of wood type and images. He plans a seven-part print series exploring the Seven Species – wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives, and dates – the agricultural products mentioned in the Torah as being of particular importance to the early Jews. Jared plans to approach local food related businesses and create letterpress printed menus or other pieces for these businesses, printed in Cellar Press.

Elizabeth MacMillan

May 19 - June 2, 2024

Elizabeth MacMillan plans to work with wood type and text exploring concepts around sleep and dreams. She will hold a public workshop towards the end of her residency where participants will create a collaborative piece containing phrases or images related to the dream experience.

Eliza Ploghoft

August 10 - 15, 2024

Eliza plans to create complex designs representing wildlife and the sounds that they make. She plans to experiment with a variety of inks and mediums, using several of our presses. Her community component will involve demonstrating how to make homemade paper in our studio.

Charlie Putnam

July 15 - 29, 2024

Charlie has been an artist for most of his life, but more recently a printmaker in his home studio. He plans to use our equipment and space to create consistency in his printmaking, using our equipment with both linoleum & wood blocks. He also hopes to do some mono-printing and perhaps mixed media collages. Charlie’s print style could be described as Cubism, combined with Primitive Surrealism. His outreach component will be something involving children and printmaking, perhaps imprinting on clay.

Willow Gentile

September 3 - 24, 2024

Willow will be using her time to create large scale linoleum blocks layering colorful imagery of New Ulm buildings and historic locations. She plans to use leftover linoleum block to create a mosaic effect. Her community component may include demonstration/teaching of the technique of creating her art and the mosaic effect produced with the lino blocks

Pictured below are the 2022-2023 artists-in-residence:  Woodlin Latocki, Louise Fisher, Stacie Kammerling, Wade Davis, and Brad Coulter

Pictured below are the 2021 – 2022 artists-in-residence : Rachel James, Monica Ihrke, Bradley Hall, and Sarah Evenson

Artist-in-Residence Program Information

Interested in becoming an Artist-in-Residence?

We are inviting guest artists to apply for a residency with the opportunity to use our Cellar Press printmaking studios — letterpress and printmaking — to create works of art or as an integral part of their artistic practice. Residencies last two – three weeks, and while artists are not required to live in New Ulm, they are expected to spend a significant amount of time in the studios gaining skills and producing work.

Email The Grand for More Information:  director@thegrandnewulm.org or founder@thegrandnewulm.org

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