The Grand Artisan Gift Shop

The Grand Artisan Gift Shop
at The Grand Center for Arts & Culture

The Grand Center for Arts & Culture is dedicated to the local artist community. We offer a range of locally handcrafted and designed goods, with most of the proceeds going back to the artist. Shop here for jewelry, pottery, paintings, wooden bowls, Jimmy Reagan clothing, prints, Cellar Press cards, glassware, gift cards, and much more. We have new items coming in all the time!

The Grand Artisan Gift Shop currently features these artists: A to Z Letterpress, Mary Chris Bassman, Gail Boe, Jo Bunting, Lori Burkhart, Cellar Press, Dave Christian, Wade Davis, Bradley Donner, John Evanson, Sarah Evenson, Laurie, Fox, Le Ann Gehring-Ryan, Tim Giefer, Catherine Haala, Alyssa Johnson, Carter Johnson, Matt Johnson, Michelle Kaisersatt, Jill Kalz, Nan Kaufenberg, Judy La Grow, Caitlin Lang, Allie Lee, Steve Leske, Kay Burnett Martin, Neil Neidt, June Newburg, No Frills Farm,  Bob Nonnemacher, Jimmy Reagan, Kylie Rieke, Vicki Ruiz, Curt Schultz, Scott Sparlin, Jeff Stocco, and Malia Wiley.

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